Our tale goes back to 2006 when a guy (Stanley) from a small-scale coffee farming society(s) marked my route to the coffee business. When I was young the only bad experience I saw in this industry was coming across farmers slashing down coffee trees. With a drastic fall in world coffee prices, the impacts were observed in Tanzania regions, particularly the Kilimanjaro region. The majority of coffee farmers from the region were affected and ended up slashing down coffee trees and shifting to other farming practices like sugarcane, maize/cones, avocados, and macadamia…...Even though things were terrible, my grandpa didn’t copy with neighbors' responses, he remained conservative (we said it) by saying that “nothing can replace coffee”. During selective picking season he jokily told me “One day you will be a government leader, please remember us (farmer)……”! At that time my childishness made me not realize what the old man was saying.


During my study at a cooperative college (a product of coffee), I conducted a research as a part of my study, regarding the ‘’persistent decline in coffee production. This marked my basic step into coffee industry and I started to remember what my grandpa said to me. After graduating, I started a coffee practice by opening a local coffee selling business. As a part of business and regular practice, I realize that there’s a fact about ‘’nothing can replace coffee’’…neither kombucha,  nor soda,  /sugarcane juice/ lemon with honey, cocoa, masala tea, ginger, milkshake, smoothie……..

And I still believe that for this catchphrase become true to life ‘’the coffee should be exceptional and impactful for everybody/ those who are behind it.